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Code of proof of quality inspection according to Circular 19

Code of proof according to Circular 19 – Guidelines for finding proof of quality accreditation of preschool education according to Circular 19/2018 of the Ministry of Education.

  • List of primary school evaluation verification codes
  • Circular 19/2020/TT-BGDDT on the periodical reporting regime under the management of the Ministry of Education and Training

List of codes of proof of preschool assessment used for reference for preschools – Level 1,2,3.

List of proof of kindergarten evaluation


USAã bright cexcited

Name of proof

Issue number, date,

or the time of interview, observation

Place of issue or person



STANDARD 1: School organization and management

Criterion 1.1: Direction and strategy for school building and development


The school’s medium and long-term educational development plans are approved by all levels.


Resolution of Party congresses at all levels of communes/towns on socio-economic development orientations of the locality and the sector.


Pictures and documents proving the content of the school’s development strategy have been reported on the school’s portal and the media. Publicly listed.


Book of resolutions of the annual meeting of officials and public employees.


Portal of the Department of Education and Training or of the school

Documents issued by competent authorities to evaluate the school when monitoring the implementation of the school’s construction and development direction and strategy

Supplemental documents, adjustment of the school’s direction and strategy of construction and development approved by competent authorities.

Criterion 1.2: School Board (Government Board for private schools) and other councils


Decision to establish the School Council

Resolution of the School Council

Plans and preliminary reports summarizing the School Council each year and term.


Decision to establish the School’s Emulation and Commendation Council

Operation plan of emulation and commendation council


Deciding on the establishment of Advisory Councils (enrollment councils, …)

Minutes of advisory council meetings (if any)

Test results of the authorities (if any)

Preliminary and summary reports

Criterion 1.3. Organization of the Communist Party of Vietnam, other mass organizations and organizations in the school


The decision to establish a branch


Resolutions and minutes of periodical branch activities and thematic activities.


Certificates of merit, certificates of merit, certificates of all levels for the Branch (if any)

Inspection documents of functional agencies on branch activities

Decision approving the Executive Board of the Trade Union

Direction and summary report on trade union activities

Minutes of trade union activities

Certificates of merit and certificates of merit from all levels to the Trade Union

Decision to approve the Branch Executive Committee

Direction and summary of the Union’s activities

Minutes of activities of the branch

Deciding on the establishment of specific associations and organizations (if any) (educational promotion, red cross, etc.)

Plans, preliminary reports, summaries, Certificates of merit and certificates of merit of the above associations (if any)

Criterion 1.4: Principals, vice principals, professional groups and office groups


Decision on appointment of principals and vice-principals


Decision on the establishment of specialized groups and office groups


Profile of professional groups, office groups according to regulations …… (Plans, preliminary reports….types of minutes of relevant groups)

Minutes or inspection conclusions of competent authorities on activities of professional groups and office groups (if any)

Criterion 1.5: Organizing children’s groups and kindergartens


School network development plan approved by all levels


Annual enrollment work plan

School register (directory of children by age)


Log book to track children to class groups.

6. Criterion 1.6: Administrative, financial and property management


Records of property and financial management of the school in accordance with regulations.


Regulations on internal expenditure of the school


Publicity, management and use of finance and assets (publicly listing or publicizing in minutes of meetings….)

School administrative, financial and asset management software

Log book of contributions of organizations and individuals

Plan to mobilize funding sources (according to Circular No. 08/2018/BGDDT)

Minutes of inspection or conclusions of superiors on inspection, audit, …) with assessment of relevant contents.

Criterion 1.7: Management of officials, teachers and employees


– Plan for training and developing staff (communication training, improving staff qualifications and capacity, studying the Party’s resolutions and new legal documents….)


– Deciding on assignment of tasks to officials, teachers and employees every year


– Records of payment of policy regimes (salaries and other allowances of teachers monthly….)


Minutes of the whole school’s staff meetings with the evaluation of the implementation of the Training and Development Plan for the staff (communication training, improving the qualifications and capacity of staff, studying the Party’s resolutions and new legal documents… .)

Criterion 1.8: Management of educational activities


– Local documents on the management of educational activities in the locality (Resolutions, plans, etc. of the locality)


Orientation of tasks for the school year, month and week; There are evaluation reports, preliminary and final results of the school


Minutes of inspection of the school and competent authorities on the performance of the school year’s tasks…

Certificates of Merit, Certificates of Merit, Certificates, … of competent authorities in the management of educational activities

Criterion 1.9: Implementation of grassroots democracy regulations


Records of the annual meeting of civil servants and public employees (directions of tasks, preliminary and final reports of the school and the trade union)

Report on the implementation of the school’s democratic regulations; Report of the People’s Inspection Committee

The school’s democratic regulations


Citizen reception profile

Regulations of the agency

Public profile according to Circular 36/2017/TT-BGDĐT

Criterion 1.10: Ensuring school security, order and safety


Related plans to ensure security, order, safety, … school


Documents on coordination with police agencies with relevant contents


Contracts with organizations and individuals

Certificate of safe school, … according to TT 13/2010/TT-BGDĐT

School hotline phone number

Minutes (or conclusion, notice) of the relevant police agency or local government (if any)

Minutes of handling related cases (if any)

Forms of reward for the results of implementation of the plans

Pictures, documents….

Standard 2: Managers, teachers, employees

Criterion 2.1: For principals and vice principals

Diploma, Certificate or certificate of having passed the refresher course or training in education management profession


Results of annual evaluation and ranking of principals and vice-principals


Written summons for principals and vice-principals to attend refresher courses and professional training


Forms of commendation of the principal and vice-principal (if any)

Criterion 2.2: For teachers


Personnel management records (teachers) or management software…


Deciding to assign tasks to teachers

List of teachers with training qualifications

Minutes of annual teacher evaluation and rating

Dossier of annual teacher evaluation and classification of the school according to the professional standards of teachers (forms as prescribed)

Criterion 2.3: For employees


Personnel management records (employees) or management software


Deciding on assignment of tasks to employees every year

List of school staff with information on training and professional qualifications


Records of annual employee rating

Document summoning employees to attend refresher courses and training courses on professional skills

Certificates or certificates of passing refresher courses, professional training courses

Standard 3: Teaching facilities and equipment

Criterion 3.1: Area, Campus, Garden


Certificate of land use right of the school


Overall map of the school campus


Construction design documents of the school

List of toys and equipment

Property management book.

Relevant pictures and actual survey.

Criterion 3.2: Group room block, kindergarten class and room block for learning


Construction design documents of the school


Class asset management book


Minutes of annual inspection of assets and facilities of the school and all levels (if any)

Pictures, related documents and actual surveys

Criterion 3.3: Division of administration – administration


Construction design documents of the school

Overall map of the school campus


property management book,


Related pictures and actual survey

Minutes of annual inspection and assessment of property and facilities by competent authorities

Criterion 3.4: Dining room block


Overall map of the school campus


Construction design documents of the school

Property management book


Minutes of inspection of food hygiene and safety agencies, certificate of food safety kitchen about clean water

Records of storing food samples according to regulations

Related pictures and actual survey

Property inspection record

Criterion 3.5: Equipment, utensils, toys


Statistical list of equipment, utensils, toys of the school


Annual plan for equipment addition and repair


Invoice for repair of equipment

LAN connection contract

The school’s monthly Internet bill

Statistical list of equipment, supplies, teaching toys made by teachers

Property inspection record

Minutes of inspection by competent authorities with relevant contents

Criterion 3.6: Toilet area, water supply and drainage system


Overall map of the school campus


Construction design documents of the school


Clean water supply contract (if any)

Monthly water bill (if any)

Garbage collection and transportation contract (if any)

Minutes of inspection of relevant authorities

Field survey….

Standard 4: Relationship between school, family and society

Criterion 4.1: Board of representatives of young parents


Activity plan of the Representative Board of Students’ Parents


Annual list of young parents’ representatives of each class and school


Report on the activities of the Representative Board of Young Parents as planned


Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting of young parents

Minutes of the meeting between the representative board of young parents and the school

Minutes of inspection of competent authorities

Books to monitor contributions of organizations and individuals (if any)

Criterion 4.2: Advisory work at the party committee and government levels and coordination with organizations and individuals of the school


Documents of the school advise the Party committee at all levels, local authorities to create conditions for the school to step by step implement the direction and strategy of construction and development.


Relevant reports of the Party cell, the school, the trade union and other organizations in the school


Collaborative activities… The school’s pictures and documents about festivals, events, etc. are suitable to the local culture.

Plans, summary reports and activities of festivals and holidays ……

The documents of the level may grant the right to recognize the school as achieving the title of cultural agency

Books to monitor contributions of organizations and individuals (if any)

Standard 5: Activities and results of child rearing, care and education.

Criterion 5.1: Implement the Early Childhood Education Program


Education plan for the school year, topic, week, day..


Additional education plan (if any)

Minutes of inspection and assessment of competent authorities

Criterion 5.2: Organizing activities to nurture, care for and educate children


The educational activity plan of the school, the professional group, and the teacher is approved


Records of assessment of children according to regulations


Pictures, videos, documents about educational activities. ….


Thematic reports of the school and professional groups


Field survey….(attend class visit)

Criterion 5.3: Results of nurturing and taking care of health


Plan to coordinate with health care for health check


Records of children’s health, weight, height

Dossiers of half-boarding, implementation of nutrition software, nutritional results… (as prescribed)


Malnutrition prevention and intervention plan for overweight and obese children

As a result, the children recovered after the sessions…

Contents of propaganda, advice… and images of the organization of activities related to the above content…..

Pictures, videos, documents on educational activities (if any) and field surveys (attendance, class visits)

Criterion 5.4: Educational results


Child tracking number to class group


Register, list of 5-year-old children completing ECE program through school years

Disability child profile,

Individual education plan for children with disabilities and monitoring their progress

Please refer to other useful information on the section For teachers of pubokid.vn.

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